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About Us

TISH vision is to become top most software provider in India by 2016 and being recognized my almost all the software vendor abroad.

TISH want to help customer with all global softwares to increase their productivity and fasten their process of design, development and in-house software requirements. And thus we achieve this by delivering softwares with easier, faster and cheaper approach. And also establishing partnership with most of the vendors with win win situation for all of us.

We have edge over most of the software partners, since we work with very specific approach. Here is the elaborate explanation,

Vast availability : we almost deal with all the softwares which are being used by many IT, ITES companies. Thus you don't have to deal with more number of vendors for your requirements. Thus we are House for almost all the International softwares.

Faster Availability : we directly deal with all these software vendor abroad. Taking prices, getting discounts for you, processing your orders with them, and getting required softwares from these vendors; we do not involve any third party unless required. Thus all processes get completed in very short span of time and faster. Our main motive is to get your software to you within your deadlines.

Cheaper Availability : And thus last but not least is the cost of ownership. Since we directly deal with all these software vendors, thus we pass all discounts benefits directly to you. Many of the partners deal with third party vendor to make these softwares available for you and thus the transaction cost increase. Also these vendors are not based out of west region, thus the cost increases by adding the both CST and VAT components to your quotes. Thus our prices are almost 10 to 15% lower than any other software partner.